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[Mediafire]Fallout New Vegas (2010) [SKIDROW] PC Game

| Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fallout: New Vegas is a role-playing video game in the Fallout series by Obsidian Entertainment (many employees of which worked for Black Isle Studios on Fallout and Fallout 2). It was released in North America on October 19, 2010, and is scheduled for release on October 22, 2010 in Europe.
Fallout: New Vegas is not a direct sequel to Fallout 3. The game offers a similar role-playing experience as Fallout 3 and events are set three years later. While no characters from the previous game will be used, it's been reported at least one character from Fallout 2 will appear.

Obsidian Entertainment presents new features and improvements in Fallout: New Vegas that are implemented upon the foundation of Fallout 3.
The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or V.A.T.S., will have the ability to use new special attacks. Usage of certain melee weapons will trigger unique attack animations. For example, using a 9 iron would show up as "Fore!", and sends the enemy reeling for a period of time. Also, the developer added the ability to use the iron sights on almost all guns, excluding larger weapons that are shot from the hip, with better over-the-shoulder view for third-person combat. New weapons, some Fallout 3 weapons, and a weapon modification system are introduced in Fallout: New Vegas. The modification system allows for weapon modifications, such as mounting scopes, modifying rate of fire, and changing size of magazine. Crafting will also play a role in weaponry, with the player being able to craft ammunition, such as hand-loaded rounds. In addition, a plant-harvesting system similar to The Elder Scrolls series will be in place for the player to use such plants in bullets, chems, for healing, stats, and for other handy uses.
The quantity of factions prompted developers to reintroduce the reputation system that was absent in Fallout 3. The degree of faction loyalty influences the player's reputation. Reputation affects the behavior of faction non-player characters (NPCs) toward the player, and reflects the impacts of selected choices in the world. Availability of dialogue options with NPCs are based upon skills, reputation and karma. Skills have a bigger effect on conversation choices. The success or failure of speech is dependent on skill level rather than chance as seen in Fallout 3. Companion behavior and tasks are controlled using the new "companion wheel." Fallout 3 presented companion commands in a conversational dialogue menu. The new Companion Wheel offers command execution by selecting commands that are presented in a radial and graphical menu. Josh Sawyer states the Companion Wheel offers ease of companion interaction. Such examples of companion commands include setting and changing its combat tactics, its default behavior towards foes and usage frequency of available resources. The player receives a special perk dependent upon the companion recruited.
In New Vegas, the player can visit casinos to participate in mini-games, including blackjack, slots, and roulette. You can either win or lose money at these mini games. Designer Chris Avellone said the mini-games were done by a programmer experienced in programming non-table gaming machines.

Hardcore mode
An optional Hardcore mode delivers more realism and intensity into the gaming environment. As gameplay difficulty is increased, players are encouraged to implement effective strategies, make careful considerations in resource management and combat tactics, and pay high attention to the surrounding environment. Gameplay difficulty is increased through several features: Stimpaks do not heal the player instantly, but work over a period of time.The healing of crippled limbs requires a high medicine skill and medical equipment. Ammunition has weight, and the player character must eat, drink and sleep to avoid starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.

Fallout New Vegas Review Scores:

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 84/100
Review scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 9/10
Game Informer 8.5/10
GamePro 4.5/5 stars
IGN 8.5/10 (US) 9/10 (UK)
Official Xbox Magazine 9/10 (UK)
X-Play 4/5 stars
Destructoid 9/10
Joystiq 3.5/5 stars


System Requirements:
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core.
RAM: 2 GB.
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series or ATI 1300XT or higher.
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB.

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