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[Mediafire]God of War 2 PC GAME

| Sunday, January 30, 2011

overthrowing the war god Ares and took his throne, Kratos achieved his goal, but for such a daring deed had to pay a heavy price. Brave son of Sparta has inherited from the merciless god not only the strength and power, but absorbed all the cruelty and the wrath of the infinite dark lord. Now Kratos he brings down on the land of ancient Greece unprecedented misery and damnation, plunging the once beautiful world into chaos, against which the pale machinations of the Ares.
Kratos is armed with two swords of chaos, chained to the hands of the hero. The long and dangerous journey awaits Spartan.
Combined motion, techniques and strokes has never before been so cruel and unrestrained fury. Any attack Kratos can result in a bloody river, a raging torrent which dries up just when we have defeated all the enemies to the last.
traveling Kratos meets Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaur, Harpy, Titans and other mythical creatures and monsters. You will receive the Aegean Sea, Athens, the kingdom of the dead, the desert of lost souls, Olympus and other places and characters familiar from the myths of ancient Greece. The player will have to climb the mountain cliffs, swim rivers, climb the steep wall, fighting against thousands of enemies and solve puzzles.
During the game, Kratos will learn dozens of magic spells - with their help at critical moments in a soldier can call for help of the Zeus smite enemies electrical discharges, and pay the monsters in stone overlooking the severed head of Medusa the Gorgon.
To what would get rid of the commercials should be hovering in the game (during ROLLER !!!!!!! 1) stop the game (the button esc) to come in " stuff "out there in the archive of patches, and already there click" skip MPEG ". Emulsion to say that "patch found" and after clicking on the "OK" button to add a line of text. We will have to activate it Bodo click "Enable / Disaable" (by pushing the line). So here we have all done so that we close the window. Now we need a menu "Others tick" Use of patches. "
Everything is made
to play on. Then will need to disable skipping commercials
IMPORTANT: to reach the near conservation to save the game and restart the emulator - it is necessary to avoid different moments in the game in which the further passage impossible (where for example the door will dig the texture will be lost, etc.)

Game Successfully Completed on:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 Running @ 2.93GHz
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86
GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia Geforce 9400GT
Status : Tested

Click on screenshot for larger view

Download GOD OF WAR 2 ISO (NTSC):
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password:
Download GOD OF WAR 2 ISO (PAL):
Part 41:
Part 49:
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password: rapidlinksbyannu

To Repair PAL ISO
Use hjsplit to join parts of ISO
Rename ISO to "godofwar2.iso"
Click here to download torrent of God Of War 2 Pal ISO
Read FAQ Q4 for repairing ISO
PCSX2 Emulator For God of War 1 and God of War 2:
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password: rapidlinksbyannu
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password: rapidlinksbyannu
**Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"**
Config Manuals and Settings For NTSC Release:
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password: rapidlinksbyannu
Config Manuals and Settings For PAL Release:
RAR Password:
Mediafire Password: rapidlinksbyannu

Step 1: Download Game, Emulator and BIOS from above links.
Step 2: Install "Pcsx2.exe"
Step 3: Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"
Step 4: Configure emulator. (Download "Config Manuals and Settings").
Step 5: Select God of War 2 ISO (CDVD --> Iso Selector --> Browse...).
Step 6: Navigate to "System --> Boot CDVD (fast)"
Step 7: Press F4 if you are getting more than 60 Frames per second.
Step 8: Press ALT+ENTER to switch to Full Screen.
Step 9: Play & Enjoy.

The emulator works better for NTSC iso mostly, and runs smoothly as compare to PAL iso. But here PAL release has little better graphics than NTSC so i added settings for both releases.

Currently working on

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