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Gran Turismo 4 Game PS2

| Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gran Turismo 4 (also known as GT4) (グランツーリスモ4 guran tsūrisumo fō) is a racing simulator Sony PlayStation 2 for the which was developed by Polyphony Digital. It was released on December 28, 2004 in Japan and Hong Kong (NTSC-J), February 22, 2005 in North America (NTSC-U/C), and March 9, 2005 in Europe (PAL), and has since been re-issued under Sony's 'Greatest Hits' line. Gran Turismo 4 is one of only two titles for the PlayStation 2 that is capable of 1080i output, the other being Tourist Trophy which was also created by Polyphony. GT4 was delayed for over a year and a half by Polyphony Digital, and had its online mode removed (later added in Gran Turismo 4 Online test version). The game features over 700 cars from 80 manufacturers, from as early as the 1886 Daimler Motor Carriage and as far into the future as concepts for 2022. The game also features 51 tracks, many of which are new or modified versions of old Gran Turismo favorites, with some notable real-world additions.

GT4 continues in its predecessors' footsteps by offering an extremely large list of cars; the PAL version, for example, features 721 cars from 80 manufacturers. There are differences in the car lists between the different GT4 regional versions, and some cars have different names, e.g. the JDM Toyota Vitz is known as the Toyota Yaris in places such as Europe and Puerto Rico and the second generation Mazda Demio is known as the Mazda 2 in the same places (PAL version only), and a well spotted example is the Opel Speedster which is more commonly known as the Vauxhall VX220. One notable omission of the game is that it does not feature some well-known car manufacturer names such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Some of the cars are multiple variations on a single base model; there are 20 different Subaru Imprezas and Legacies, 25 Mitsubishi Lancer/Lancer Evolutions, and 48 Nissan Skylines, including the Nissan GT-R Proto. One vehicle, another Skyline, is in pace car form in the "Guide Lap" licence tests and is also a prize car. There is also the GT Edition, which was the pace car without the pace car lights, and even more power. Each vehicle model has over 4000 polygons. Car prices range from about 2500 credits for basic 1980s Japanese used cars up to 4,500,000 (450,000,000 in Japanese version) credits for the top end (mostly Le Mans) race cars. Some special prize-only cars (such as the Pagani Zonda LM Race Car '01) are not visible in the vehicle showrooms, and a few do not have corresponding dealerships, and thus are unmodifiable, for example, the Formula Gran Turismo (F1 car).


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