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[Mediafire]Windows 7 Rog x64 With Activation

| Wednesday, February 2, 2011
WINDOWS 7 ROG x64 With Activation
Copy today have the strength and stability of an unprecedented version of the last updates in May
Not enabled to accept updates from Microsoft
Are based on the two versions contain mainly
7 Professional and Professional N
Containing a few basic programs

Programs Installed (Version 1 ROG):
Winrar 3.93 (64Bit) Final
7zip (64Bit)
Perfect Disk 11 build 170 (64Bit Default Replaced)
Notepad 2 (Default Replaced)
MicroAngelo on display (64Bit)
Registry workshop (64Bit)
Flash 10 plugin
Directx 10, 11 February 2010

Programs Installed (Version 2 ROG N):
Winrar 3.93 (64Bit) Final
7zip (64Bit)
Perfect Disk 11 build 170 (64Bit Default Replaced )
Notepad 2 (Default Replaced)
Videolan 1.05 lite (Special modded version with mediaplayer skin and less disk space utilization about 51 mb VS 76 of the original)
MicroAngelo on display (64Bit)
Directx 10, 11 February 2010
game for windows live drivers ver
Alchohol 120 ver

Mediafire Links
Password: rapidlinksbyannu
Corrupted Parts Reuploaded
part4 -
part7 -
Part1 -
Part3 -
Part10 -

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