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[Mediafire]James Bond From Russia With Love PC Game

| Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Russia with Love is a video game featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond developed by Electronic Arts and released on November 1, 2005 in North America. The game is based on the 1957novel and the 1963 film of the same name. The game follows the storyline of the book and film, albeit adding in new scenes to make the game more action-oriented, as well as changing the affiliation of the main villains. Additionally, it features many elements of earlier Bond films to recreate the feel of the era such as the jet packThunderball (1965) from and the Aston Martin DB5 that debuted in Goldfinger (1964). From Russia with Love is also notable in that it is the first video game to use Sean Connery's likeness as James Bond and the first to include all new voice work by the actor. From Russia with Love is the last James Bond video game EA Games marketed before they lost the rights to Activision in 2006.

Plot Summary:
One of the most obvious changes to the story for the video game is the absence of the villainous organization SPECTRE, who played a vital role in the film version, but not the novel version of From Russia with Love. Due to legal issues that have plagued the James Bond series of films since 1963, the organization was renamed as OCTOPUS and appears to lack a central leader in the same vein as Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The SPECTRE name was tied up in a long-running dispute over the film rights to Thunderball, between United Artists/MGM and the now-deceased writer Kevin McClory. The game begins with a standard pre-title sequence in which Elizabeth Stark, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's daughter, is kidnapped by OCTOPUS while attending a party. Fortunately, Bond was assigned to attend the party for just such an event, and he defeats OCTOPUS and rescues Stark.


[Click on screenshot for larger view]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 70%
Metacritic 71 of 100
Review scores
Publication Score C+
Electronic Gaming Monthly 6.17 of 10
Game Informer 7.75 of 10
GamePro 4 of 5
GameSpot 7.0 of 10
GameSpy 4 of 5
IGN 7.9 of 10
X-Play 3 of 5

System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core i3 Running @ 2.93 GHz
Memory: 2GB of RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 9400gt
Controller: Microsoft XBOX360 Controller for Windows
Status: Tested

Mediafire Download Link [PAL]:
RAR Password:

PCSX2 Emulator ForJames Bond From Russia With Love:
Mediafire Password:
RAR Password:

Mediafire Password:
RAR Password:
**Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"**

Config Manuals and Settings For PAL Release:
Mediafire Password:
RAR Password:

Gamepad Configuration:

[Click on screenshot for larger view]

1. Press the button "Clear All" at the bottom of gamepad setting window.
2. Press "Square" on the right side of game setting window by your mouse pointer and then press the button you want to assign on your gamepad immediately.
3. Follow the step 2 for All Buttons given on right side of Gamepad Settings window.
4. Now press OK.

Note: Plug in your gamepad before starting the emulator.

Step 1: Download Game, Emulator and BIOS from above links.
Step 2: Install "Pcsx2.exe"
Step 3: Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"
Step 4: Configure emulator. (Download "Config Manuals and Settings").
Step 5: Select Game ISO (CDVD --> Iso Selector --> Browse...).
Step 6: Navigate to "System --> Boot CDVD (fast)"
Step 7: Press F4 if you are getting more than 50 Frames per second.
Step 8: Press ALT+ENTER to switch to Full Screen.
Step 9: Play & Enjoy.


Run "pcsx2-r3878.exe" as administrator to configure and save the emulator's settings. (for vista and windows 7 user's only)

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